Out of Place

5 Dec

Today’s horrible message was sent in by @HotGirlsGuideTo of http://www.hotgirlsguideto.com/   Go pay her some love.

“Your lips, your tits, your eyes and your beautiful hair have inspired this message, and your gorgeous face.  In fact, you’re just angelic with your beauty to be frank. And I have just the perfect thing for someone like you.

We’d move my couch to the middle of the room with the tile flooring in my home. Then I’d love to lace you up in roller blades.  You’d lay down on the couch, face down, ass up.  My hands glide across your back, rubbing out, gently and warmly, all of your knotted muscles.  Then my hands slide down both your arms and pin your wrist down to the frame of the couch, and I’d slip into your pussy, and relentlessly pound you.

If the words I wrote for your beautiful white ass excited you, I have an empty house tonight, text me at ***493****”

Now, this is a message that doesn’t really surprise me..  I see them all the time.. but the question on everyone’s mind should be:  Rollerblades?   ..What?

Not that the message would be better without mentioning she’d be wearing rollerblades.. but, it just makes no sense.   Is that supposed to aid in the experience, really?   And good grief, I hope she doesn’t squirm in this scenario.  I can’t imagine getting kicked in the junk with a rollerblade would be pleasant.

So very weird..


One Response to “Out of Place”

  1. Maddie S. December 7, 2012 at 5:13 pm #

    Oh dear… Im going with fetish on that one… each to their own hahaha




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