Just when things go right..

10 Dec

I think guys and girls in the online dating world go through a pre-screening process with everyone they talk to.   Or at least those that are smart about it.   Jobs pre-screen applicants- why wouldn’t you pre-screen on a dating website?

Jesse passed my pre-screening tests.    We talked back and forth quite a bit online, and he seemed quite charming.   When he asked me about a week after talking to meet up for coffee,  I was very comfortable saying yes.

Coffee was delightful.    We were there for a good two hours, laughing and talking.  Finally!  Someone who lives online who appears to be normal!    Before parting ways,  he suggested I go to his house the next weekend for a home-cooked breakfast, and then we’d go to the indoor flower gardens for a day of picture taking.    Well,  I love breakfast, taking pictures and flowers… and Jesse was cute – so I was in.

A week later,  I had an amazing home-cooked breakfast followed by an incredibly fun day.   The date ended with a sweet kiss that gave me butterflies on the way home.  Ahh, butterflies.. I had forgotten what you felt like.

Jesse is a prime example of how easily some people can slip through the pre-screening process.

As I got home – my phone rang.   It was Jesse.  He called me to tell me that he had a nice time, and that he’d love to see me again.  I was definitely okay with that, we had a really fun time.   We talked for about an hour when he said “I think you should know that I think I am in love with you.”     Okaaaaay Ted Mosby.. I waited briefly for him to tell me he was joking and referencing my favorite TV show.    When the crickets started to chirp, he continued on..  “We are soul mates, and I can tell that we are meant to be together.”

“Haha, you’re funny!”  I responded.   Except it apparently wasn’t a joke.  I told him I knew he was referencing my favorite TV show, but that it was a little awkward.    He had apparently never seen my favorite TV show.   Wow…  “Jesse, you don’t love me..  you don’t really know me that well..”   He assured me that I was scared to admit it, but he knew I felt it too.   We were soulmates.

This conversation became intense.. and fast.   I told him I was definitely not in that place in my life, and he seemed quite shocked.    This definitely was not a joke.  I told him it would probably be best if we didn’t see each other again, as I was highly uncomfortable, and hung up the phone.

I received a handful of voicemails from Jesse,  begging and pleading for me to talk to him, because he loves me.   I think I have ignored him long enough now where he is over it- but.. one could never be sure.



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