“Big Brother”

6 Jan

“How old are you?  You look like you are 14.”

Okay- for the record- I am NOT 14,  in case anyone is legitimately concerned.  I am over 18, and younger than 30… and closer to 30 than I am to 18.

“You caught me.. I’m 14.”    Ahh.. sarcasm at it’s finest..

“You really shouldn’t be on these dating websites.   It’s not safe.  I should really report you, but I won’t if you promise to be careful.”

Oh good lord..   Granted, very sweet that this guy wasn’t a creep if he ACTUALLY believed for one second that I am 14 years old..   But… REALLY?!  REALLY?!  Maybe it’s been awhile since I was the age, but unless a 14 year old was seriously messed up – I really don’t think they pose as adults in online dating..    And,  if they did,  I think it would be pretty apparent based on writing style, as well as photo.  (And I don’t really look 14.. WTF?)


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