I can’t cure stupid.

25 Jan

Honestly – I think we all need to start a charity for stupidity.  There is a whole lot of stupidity going on and we need to find a cure.

I often mention that I have a fake profile out there on POF.    It’s not that the profile is fake – the photo is of me, and the info on it, although minimal,  accurately represents who I am in real life.    I have recently updated this page to actually say that I don’t live where the profile states, and that I blog.   Here..  just read what it says:

“I like artistic and creative things – photography, writing, dancing, theatre, music etc.

Overall, I go where the wind takes me. 

Definitely more of a dog person than a cat person.

My favorite color is purple.

I enjoy blogging.

I frequently have hot dates with the gym.

Still with me? .. I am not in your area. Not even close. I would encourage you not to end up on my blog: http://www.soon2becatlady.com

I often have dance parties by myself. =)”


Sooooo…  I get a message from a man who’s username is POFisLAMElol.   (Oh, the irony..)    POFisLAMElol thinks I’m cute, and wonders if it’s okay that I am taller than him.   Sure.      

POFisLAME thinks POF is lame because the girls he dates from there don’t cancel their account, and continue to fish for “better fish” in the sea of plenty.   One could easily argue that to know this-  he also doesn’t delete his profile.   Ahh, double standards..

I think POF is lame because people don’t know how to read.   I told him this.  He  agreed, and let me know that he DOES read profiles.   Can’t put my finger on it- but for some reason, I just don’t know that I believe him.   Maybe because he continues to message me, and keeps asking for my phone number?

If we all just donated even one dollar…

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