A Million Times: No!

2 Mar

“Hi there are you gutsy at all?”

“Hmm.. what do you mean?”

“Ok be honest would you have the guts to be gross to a guy if he paid you a lot and no one ever knew? :)”

“Guts have nothing to do with that-  It is just a flat out NO for other reasons.”

“not even for a real lot? just make a guy stop and go?”


My goodness.   No,  I am sorry –  I won’t prostitute myself.    Unless he were to mean something different by “be gross to a guy”..  Throw up in his coffee?   Ehh.. maybe.

Guys..   Men..    Boys..  Girls don’t need to go to the internet to find opportunities for this stuff.  Store that notion in your brain!   If a girl wanted to do anything naughty, you know darn well all she’d have to do is go to the bar,  strike a pose, or whisper something questionable in your ear, and you’d be putty.

It’s not my job to either be gross to you, or pretend I am going to for the sake of helping you entertain yourself.   Go watch porn and get out of my life.

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