Bruce Lee

4 Mar

From the fanmail box of J:

“You are extremely gorgeous. Let me introduce my self I’m Bruce Lee and I would love to defend you over any other man. I can be your personal bodyguard if you let me… Hope that made you laugh…. My name is actually Calvin. But I want to know more about you… What you like to do … What type of work you do .. And what can I do to meet you … Because you are gorgeous:)”


This is a risky message – what if J didn’t know who Bruce Lee was?   Granted, she did –  but,  this is not the first time Calvin has used this message.   How do I know?  Because, seriously..  he had to have used it the first time, got a “YOU ARE SO FUNNY!” message back, and stuck with it..

Calvin,  keeping in my mind I have never seen your profile:   do you actually perform any martial arts?  If so- then although your message really wasn’t funny – at least it was somewhat accurate in explaining you are a protector.   If not,  you should probably change it immediately, unless a girl writes in her profile that she is a huge Bruce Lee fan… and even then, you had best deliver…  I’m not certain – but I believe I can say that J’s profile has no mention of Bruce Lee or martial arts.


One Response to “Bruce Lee”

  1. Mary March 5, 2012 at 2:51 pm #

    Recieved this gem the other day…
    Every thursday night, I do this thing where I click “my matches,” and wait for the page to load up. I step about 50 feet away from my monitor, load up a NERF gun (don’t worry, it’s my little cousins) and fire a rubber bullet. The times my monitor doesn’t break, I look at what it landed on and shoot that person a message. my names xxxx 🙂

    I was trigued enough to look at his profile. His headline…”im kindof a ass-hole…” He has since then been deleated from the site. Haha


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