Frail Ego?

11 Mar

I don’t understand why some guys take internet rejection so much to heart.  I know it sucks to be rejected –  but, it doesn’t mean you should call them fat, or be mean.   Shrug it off and move along to the next.

“Do you have any more pics?”

“Yes.”    – Seriously?   I mean, no, I only have ONE photo of myself.

“I would like to see them.  a full body shot.”

Now – I have blogged about this before – I don’t owe you anything, stranger.  And, if you are going trying to size me up as a piece of meat, no thank you.

“Wow.. demanding.”

“If you don’t want too, that is fine. Just saying.”

“Maybe if I had intentions of meeting you, or had you have asked instead of demanded.  Have a nice day.”

“Well, how attractive do you think I am?”

“You’re not unattractive – but you aren’t my type.”

“So…brad pitt isn’t your type? Is that what you are saying..”

“Right – Brad Pitt is not my type, nor do you look like Brad Pitt.”  

Honestly – and I have come across this in real life too-  why do guys take one person saying they slightly resemble someone and run with it?   This guy looks nothing like Brad Pitt..

“The point is, I am hot and you know it. Girls have said that I look similar with facial symmetry. Point is, you don’t like good looking/preppy dudes. You like the bottom of the barrel dudes who try to act good looking with their little bad boy style, when in reality, they just aren’t good looking and have to try and cover it up. How is it that 2 of my ex gf’s who danced for the [local pro football team here] dance team thought I was hot and you don’t?! Ha. You think you are more attractive then them? Don’t think so. Ha”

Oh boy, he sure told me!   Pretty sure I said nothing of the sort.  In his girlish request to tell him how attractive I think he is – I merely said he wasn’t my type.   I wasn’t even referring to his looks – I was referring to his personality of sizing me up like meat.  I certainly don’t think I am hotter than his (probably imaginary) dancer ex girlfriends.. and I definitely don’t feel like I tried to suggest such things.

But- what is the point in this?  Does responding that way make him think I may have a change of heart?   Am I supposed to turn around begging him to give me a chance?    Hmm… I may have to try that out sometime and see how that pans out.

One Response to “Frail Ego?”

  1. shenanigansinsingledom March 26, 2012 at 2:37 am #

    What hold did this guy crawl out of?? Oh god…


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