Up to NO Good.

18 Apr

While I thoroughly enjoy seeing people’s creativity when seeing their online dating user name.. other times, I want to bang my head against a wall.

When I saw that I had a message from user  8to9inches, I cringed before even opening it.   At least I didn’t really need to go to his profile to see what he was all about.. I guess that’s a perk.  (Of course, I did look at his profile though.. you never know when I am going to find a blog-goldmine!)   It still floors me that people so very openly looking for sex don’t bother to post a picture of themselves.   Suuuuure, I will meet up and sleep with you..  You just flag me down when you see me.

His message merely stated:   “DAMN!”


One Response to “Up to NO Good.”

  1. Paula April 18, 2012 at 2:31 pm #

    Hahahaha! I love your reply. I would have just ignored him, but that was hysterical. I too enjoy checking out names. Most are boring, but some are creative and fun. Are you just starting out online dating? I’ve been doing it since October 2011 without a break and am now totally burnt out, becoming angry and miserable, about to hang it up. I find the men in their 50s impossible to deal with, liars and flakes, uninterested in relationships altogether. The ones who aren’t after sex only just play stupid phone games with you. I’ve had it. I swear it’s less frustrating to simply answer the random Craigslist ad on occasion than to camp out on these sites hoping for a real connection.


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