I’m NOT Lovin’ It.

10 Jun

Nothing says druggie with a case of the munchies (or at best –  “tool”) like the following message which appeared in my inbox at 3am:

“Can I get a Big-Mac, a Coke, large fries, and a twenty piece McNugget? Wait, can I also get 2 of each dipping sauce?”

I’ll tell ya- this one confuses me a bit, too.   I don’t mention the golden arches anywhere in my profile – and the only way this message may not be taken offensively is if someone mentions that they work there.  However, if someone did work there, I imagine this message would not amuse them either.

Well, great.  Now I’m hungry.   (Not for McDonalds though.. yuck!)

One Response to “I’m NOT Lovin’ It.”

  1. bridgetclare June 10, 2012 at 1:10 am #

    I am currently at camp with a rec group for kids with disabilities, and we have to go to maccas for lunch! I don’t eat meat so it will be chips 😦


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