Wat u mean

16 Jun

You just know it’s going to be an awesome online dating story when the message comes from a guy 5 years younger than you and is an extraordinary 5% match.

“Hey sexy”    (Good Lord, shoot me now.)


“Hey NM chilling on my day off wats up wit u”

Apparently I had asked one of my infamous imaginary questions again..   Silly me.

“Did you really answer an imaginary question?”

“Wat u mean”


“Let’s see.. I said “Hello.” and you said “Hey NM..” Does that make logical sense to you?”

I think using a big word like “logical” scared him away.    Poor baby.


2 Responses to “Wat u mean”

  1. kellig June 16, 2012 at 4:19 am #

    i think you were supposed to respond with “nuthin. s’up?” or perhaps “word.” i think. I speak a different language, so I could b e wrong…


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