2 Jul

“if your boobs are real i’ll give you $27”

Twenty. Seven. Dollars?!   What on EARTH am I supposed to do with twenty seven dollars?   Where did that figure even come from!?

Geez,  I know I have decent sized knockers.. but they aren’t fake, nor do they look fake.

This message doesn’t even warrant a response, either, because of course if I say anything,  I will be asked to prove the realness.  (Maybe I don’t know enough about fake breasts.. but is there a way to prove it, either way?)

Boys- quit driving me insane!  I don’t WANT cats!

One Response to “$27”

  1. dramafreepaul July 2, 2012 at 10:50 pm #

    There needs to be dating website that filters stupid messages like that.


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