Seafood Dinner

5 Jul

“How many nice seafood dinners would it take to turn you into a bedroom acrobat in my house for years to come.”

You know,  I am really not a fan of seafood.    If he would have asked about nice Italian dinners, on the other hand..  I still would say I’m not his girl.

“Bedroom acrobat” makes me laugh though.. I may just need to find some way to use that.

Kudos to him, at least,  for not being outrageously gross in how he presented what he is looking for online.

One Response to “Seafood Dinner”

  1. Sy July 9, 2012 at 11:14 am #

    I’m really curious if it is a spam or real message. I got it today and now I searched to find that too many people receive this message. Is it a joke or something? haha


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