Oh.. a Hash-Tag.. Now it ALL Makes Sense!

17 Aug

Nothing confuses me more than getting a message like the following from someone I have never seen before, or chatted with before:

“I think….that is the dumbest, cool thing I’ve thing. #Bravo​”


Honestly, I think if you can’t form the idea of what you are trying to say – you most certainly shouldn’t be using hash-tags!   Well – maybe I take that back.  At least the hash-tag suggests that he is impressed with something on my profile.. what that might actually be specifically, I will never know.

Really, people..  Is pausing for 20 seconds to read what you just typed that difficult?   I get that people make mistakes – shoot, I go back and edit my own posts here all the time..  but, there comes a point where it’s just laziness versus an “oops!”   Or sheer stupidity… but it’s hard to tell over the computer.

Can we start requiring an IQ test for the free online dating websites, please?

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