Are There Leagues in Online Dating?

31 Aug

Here’s something to ponder…  Are there leagues in online dating?    I am going to assume that most people think that there are – however,  I think I might disagree.  (Obviously, my opinion isn’t very solid at this point..  Let’s discuss..)

I guess I have never went read an online dating profile where I have thought to myself “That guy is totally out of my league.. I could never send him a message.”   I do say frequently that Super Hot POF Guy is out of my league, because he’s just so dang gorgeous – but it still doesn’t stop me from trying to hang out with him.

What does “out of someone’s league” even mean?

Velvet has a guy she’s been flirting with who recently told her he hasn’t made a move because he thought she was out of his league.   Does that just mean he wasn’t really able to pick up on the “signs” that it was okay to proceed?   Or does that mean he thinks she deserves better?  …Or am I off entirely?

I think someone not being able to pick up on the signs just needs to get a female mind involved.   “Oh, she texted you that?   She likes you, ask her out.”   If it’s a “they deserve better” type of deal – my question is this:   Why does anyone think they know what’s best for another person?   We are all very unique individuals and I don’t think even we know for ourselves what we need.   At least for myself, I know what I wouldn’t be able to handle..  and I know what I think I want.. but – I am often told people in successful relationships didn’t realize their partner was exactly what they needed until they found it.   I think deciding for someone else that they deserve better is a cop out and perhaps there are some underlying issues that need to be addressed.

Getting back to leagues regarding online dating –  S/he is on an online dating website just like you are.  Send a message if you feel so inclined..  If they don’t respond, they don’t respond..  You’re not worse off, right?

6 Responses to “Are There Leagues in Online Dating?”

  1. nicofdarcyshire August 31, 2012 at 1:10 am #

    But what happens if their last boyfriend was a double-sex-op millionaire?

    She’s playing a completely different sport!!


  2. Jenna September 3, 2012 at 4:50 pm #

    There might not be leagues in the messages stage, but I think there are once you get to actually meeting up/dating. Have you ever received a message or met-up with someone that you just knew you weren’t going to ever find attractive?


    • Soon2BeCatLady September 3, 2012 at 5:15 pm #

      I did- and surprisingly enough I did find them attractive in person.


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