I Need an Attitude Adjustment

9 Oct

“You’re super cute and fucking awesome :)”

Well – both of these are actually true, so I decided to write back.

“Thanks!  I agree.”

“You’re welcome. Im guessing youre not interested”

“Oh.  Okay.”

Guys – if you decide for a girl that she isn’t interested,  she shouldn’t be interested. I totally get that I didn’t really give him anything to work with, but in my defense –  he didn’t give me much to work with either.

“Haha or are you? I just thought the attitude was a signal”

The attitude?!  I didn’t realize I used my attitude font.   I thought I was agreeing with what he had to say..  If someone is agreeing with you,  I think more often than not it’s a good thing..  Maybe I’m off base..

You guys do need to quit with the whole guessing someone isn’t interested bit, though.. or at least telling the person that theory.   Nothing stops me in my tracks faster.


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