So Romantic

15 Oct

While I understand that the stereotype out there is that people who online date are desperate, I would argue that most of us are way less desperate than participants on relationship reality shows… except for this guy:

“I am contacting you regarding a serious proposal that may be of interest to you *NOT looking 4 a one night stand* wanting long term. Would U ”Marry me” plz? The rest will follow spontaneously; I have a passion for life, Want love and can give love. I have a lot of love to give.”

Least romantic proposal ever.

Why would he put the “Marry me” in quotations?   I seriously hope if and when I ever get proposed to that when the actual “Will you marry me?” comes out,   marry is not given the finger quotations.  (That being said, if my future husband is reading this… that would so NOT be funny.)

I would understand this proposal if he was looking for a green card or something.. but he isn’t.   Why would anyone want to take a shot in the dark like that?  Things could go oh-so-terribly wrong.   Sure, dating could too, but at least that’s easier to get out of.

But – long story short – That answer is a no.

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