Open Foot, Insert Mouth.

20 Oct

Sometimes I should not be allowed in public.

Velvet and I had some business to attend to this evening, and decided along the way that we were craving some pizza.   So, we stopped at my favorite pizza place of all time, and ordered our pizza.

While paying, my phone made a noise indicating I had a notification.  It was OKCupid.   Because I forget that sometimes Velvet and I are not the only people on the planet, I said “OH BOY!!  BlackVooDoo is NEARBY.. RIGHT NOW!!!”  to which Velvet immediately responded back, “What the hell kind of name is BlackVooDoo?!”

We sit down to wait for our pizza, when I decide to look up Mr. VooDoo.  He looked awfully familiar..   Oh.. yeah… see the guy behind the counter who took our money, with the bright red face?   The one that immediately ran into the back as soon as I looked back up at him?  Yeah.. that guy..   Oddly enough he was neither black or nor seemed like a voo-doo doer.

I hand my phone over to Velvet, who luckily immediately catches on.   Let’s just say the next 15 minutes were probably the most uncomfortable times ever.  (Where do I look?  Where do I look?!)


2 Responses to “Open Foot, Insert Mouth.”

  1. Arinn October 20, 2012 at 3:30 am #

    HAHAH. i love it.


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