His and Hers

31 Oct

The Velv-inator got a message today that said a mere:

“Let’s poop together.”

Knowing that something like this is exactly what my blog is looking for, she sent it to me right away.   She also included in her e-mail to me:  “Feel free to include the irony that I got that message, when I have the required approx 6-month relationship before I can comfortably use the bathroom with Mr. Velvet in the home.”

The message itself is probably enough to post..  but, I feel the need to discuss this a little further.

Not only did he send that message to her, but it was also his local broadcast for the day, which I happened upon after Velv’s e-mail.   I did inform her of this, and I think it was fair of her to ask if should be offended that he also wants to poop with other people.

When did bathroom togetherness become a romantic activity?   I mean,  I’ve heard of his and her sinks.. but never his and her toilets.   That’s just a little freaky.   I’ve said before, and Velvet and I mentioned on the podcast we were on last night — Keep your creepy shit (pun intended) to yourself until date 10, at least.

I’m guessing it’s not true love.

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