Just A Piece of Meat

4 Nov

What I strongly despise about online dating is that I literally feel like I am a piece of meat hanging at the butcher shop – just waiting for someone to come along and “pick me.”

Seriously, we are all window shopping for a mate..  And some of us forget that the piece of meat gets a say in the matter as well.


I would just like to say how you really make me feel; i feel so dam
good knowing ill be with you.

I specialize in making you a better person giving you 100% of my full
attention especially when you need it the most.

With me its all about you and give you something nobody can offer
“love, honesty & long term rela.”

If you want I can commit to any certain random event like; for
example, “taking on hair waxing or even collecting stickers that are
on fruits”, just so that i can get you to smile.”

While sometimes it’s easy to think otherwise,  I think a lot of people can offer love, honesty and a long term “rela.”   ….And why would someone want their significant other to collect stickers off of fruits….   That’s just bizarre..

Sorry guys… I guess this means I am no longer up for grabs?  ;-P

2 Responses to “Just A Piece of Meat”

  1. Dating, It's Awkward (@AwkwardDate) November 4, 2012 at 5:25 am #

    I think I found a new hobby. ha ha ha


  2. reviewmyonlinedate November 4, 2012 at 8:49 pm #

    Those kinds of messages always remind me of one of the final scenes in the movie “Se7en” where Pitt, Freeman, and Spacey are heading out to know where. Pitt asks Spacey if he knows how insane he is. I always wonder if the guys that write messages that are weird or creepy know that the messages are weird or creepy.


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