Boys Are Gross

23 Dec

Seriously.. sometimes I swear there are times that all the boys go and howl at the moon…  I think it goes without saying that these messages went without a response.

“Message me your so sexy I’m young an I can be your dirty little boy 😉 btw UR picture looks like uv been naughty its making my huge dick stif an precum!!”

Okay.. that was just gross AND grammatically incorrect.

The next is grammatically alright..

“Nice tits….now let me see ’em​”

…but he didn’t say please.  (As if that would help.)

One Response to “Boys Are Gross”

  1. iammarcello December 23, 2012 at 10:09 am #

    He also tried to use “precum” as a verb, what a strange chap


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