OKCupid’s New App: Crazy Blind Date

16 Jan

As I hopped on to OKCupid from my fancy smart phone this morning, I was alerted that OKCupid has launched a brand new app called Crazy Blind Date, and that I should check it out.  — And you KNOW I did.

I definitely feel I need some more time with the app – but these are my opinions and observations thus far:

It’s not really a blind date if it’s a 16 piece puzzle of your main OKCupid picture.  As I was browsing those who have already signed up and put up date locations, I knew who most of them were.  (I couldn’t tell you their usernames, but I know I had seen their face before..)  However,  a nifty feature is that you can elect to take a photo with your camera phone and use that instead, or a photo from your camera gallery.  This makes it a bit more blind than the default OKC pic.

I don’t know if it’s my phone, or the app, or a combination of both – but when I set up to say “I am free this day” and try to search for a place (powered by Foursquare, which seems like a good idea..)  it tells me I have no internet connection.. even though it picks out where I am on the map, and suggests places nearby.  (And no, OKCupid, I refuse to suggest to meet random strangers at a place called The Sex Pit.. but thank you, really.)

Because I am OKCupid’s longest standing member.. (haha!)  I got a message on the regular app from someone I went out with once saying he saw me on the new Blind Date app.   So, to figure out how this works,  I clicked “Set up a date” with him, and he accepted.   Apparently,  I can send him a message through the Blind Date app only an hour before our meet-up time, which indicates to me that this really isn’t going to work for setting up something further out than RIGHT NOW… which also indicates to me that this is really just local broadcasts without getting to learn what the other looks like or has to say about his or herself.

The other options once setting up a date is to cancel said date.  So, I clicked that and immediately messaged my buddy to see if it gives him the “reason” I cancelled.   The options I could choose were “This time doesn’t work for me”, “This is too far away” or “I’m just not interested.”   The verdict?   Unknown –  according to him, our date has not been cancelled.   Hmm…   That could be a problem.  (UPDATE:  It does not disclose your reasoning for cancelling, but does take awhile to inform your date that you are bailing.)

The only other major downfall I am seeing right now is this:  I put out that I was free on Thursday, around a particular area.  I did this as a test, and I am  actually not free at this time.  I cannot find a way to remove this “broadcast.”   Granted, doesn’t actually matter, because I won’t be there.. but, an inconvenience nevertheless.   (CORRECTION:  You can cancel it on the actual OKCupid website.)

I guess the last thing I have to say right now on it is this:   Sometimes, people on the internet are weird.. (see rest of blog..)   Meeting someone off the internet with no background information does seem a little scary.   I would/will because I am fearless –  but, I would suggest if you use this – bring a friend, or a gun..  Better be safe than a statistic.

Let me know your thoughts/stories on it!

2 Responses to “OKCupid’s New App: Crazy Blind Date”

  1. kellig January 16, 2013 at 2:14 am #

    Wow. I think it is major disaster just waiting to happen. You would need to be crazy to use it. Jesus.


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