How to Win Over The Ladies With Your OKCupid Profile

10 Feb

I warn you in advance – the title of this blog entry is intended to be sarcastic.


“My self-summary:

I do whatever the fuck I want. Suck my dick.”


..And that’s it, by the way.   Nothing else.

I understand if you want to join OKCupid and be a troll..  fine.  Do it.   But – don’t attach your face to something like this – because as YOUR luck will have it,  I (or any girl, for that matter..) will probably meet you some day when I am out and about, recognize your face, and totally think you’re an asshole, when you may be a nice guy.

Seriously, a little effort never killed anybody.    If you aren’t looking for anything, leave the profile blank.   According to OKCupid Moderation – blank profiles are allowed, as long as the profile doesn’t break other rules (such as a celeb photo, etc.)

I am finding it hard to believe there are any decent guys left.

One Response to “How to Win Over The Ladies With Your OKCupid Profile”

  1. Jana April 17, 2013 at 4:28 am #

    I laughed out loud at this because I really know a guy that says $hit like this outloud on a daily basis, and I, in turn call him a narcissist and a socipath. Not acceptable! But strangly, it seems to get him PLENTY of poor souls :/


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