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A New Online Dating Website, That’s Not Online Dating at all!

1 Jul

A friend of mine (who I happened to meet through an online dating website) sent me a link to an article about a new online dating website, which truth be told isn’t really online dating afterall.   After reading about it, I immediately became intrigued.  I had planned to write about it after I had the chance to use it, but a few of my Twitter followers got angry..  so, just plan to hear more about it in the future as well.

The website is called Tawkify.   As I said before, it’s not really online dating.  You answer a few basic questions (hobbies, what you are looking for, etc.)  and the website owners are going to find someone for you.   (Side note:  They also use your Klout score if you have one..  If you don’t know what Klout is:  It basically tells you how influential you are in social media..   I don’t know how much I trust it, as on my personal twitter, Klout says I am influential in bowling, which makes NO sense..  But, I digress..)   Once they find someone for you – you can choose to either talk on the phone, go for a walk, or go on a mystery date.

I signed up, and immediately got a call from their online dating robot butler.    It actually made me a little nervous.  (The excited kind of nervous.)   It wasn’t a match yet, as those happen on Mondays, I hear.

No phone numbers are exchanged unless you exchange them on your phone call (if that is the option you choose.)   And the call will end abruptly with no warning in 10 minutes.   If you want to talk to the person again,  you alert Tawkify, and if the match does the same,  you get a phone call again the following Monday.    So, really,  you have 10 minutes of your life to lose.   (Or a walk, which is good for you.. or an hour-long mystery date, which sounds fun!)

What I like about Tawkify, at least out of the gate, is that you don’t go through a bunch of information and pictures.   I am getting so tired of that.   I feel it’s unfair to rule someone out for a bad photo, because let’s face it..  A lot of the world is not photogenic.    And, don’t we all find ourselves finding one tidbit of info about the person we’re online shopping for that we think “Nah..”   Maybe it is time to go back to the old fashioned blind date.   And, it’s ideal that someone who barely knows you is doing the setting up – because they don’t know your “but.”  (How I Met Your Mother reference:  “She’s really great, but…”)

I don’t even think I would be ashamed to publicly admit I met someone I was dating through Tawkify.   Let’s be honest,  if I meet the love of my life on POF,  we will be making up some story as to how we met..   You may not know or believe this,  but Soon2BeCatLady is actually a pretty classy chick.

So – I am totally going to do this, and I hope you readers also on the prowl for internet love give it a shot too.   It’s not free.. (If you have a Klout score of 40 or higher, you will get at least one match free.)   but until tomorrow (Sunday, July 1st, 2012)  there is a half-off special.   I bought 3 matches for $25.    (Or you could get 1 match for $10.)

So, stay tuned and I will let you know how it goes..   and let’s discuss also!  Tell me your thoughts via Twitter or comment here!  (And at least look at, as there are a lot of other neat features too..)