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Rock Hudson

1 Feb

I came across a profile today that made me laugh a little louder than most profiles do:

I spend a lot of time thinking about:

Why do people have to be so dam judgemental about everthig just cause i dont look like rock hudson dont mean i wouldnt be an awesome guy all you ladies that think that way can scuk it

I can feel it deep in my soul that this man is definitely not bitter.    But I do have a question… When was the last time Rock Hudson was relevant?  The only reason why I even know the name is because I love me some “Grease” and one of the songs references him.  (“Even Rock Hudson lost his heart to Doris Day-ay-ay.”)

If you aren’t sold on this guy yet – let me be the first to tell you that he is really good at crocheting hats and scarves.

Oh!  And “You should message me if:”

You like a kind caring loving man who likes sex to much and will treat you with the utmost respect and write poems about you

Maybe I should see what kind of poem he comes up with about me..  or maybe I’ll just “scuk it.”

What? A GOOD Online Dating Profile!?

24 Mar

I write a lot about the stupid messages I get.. because well, they are entertaining.  Like I have said before also,  I have gotten real messages and have come across some online dating profiles that don’t make me want to rip my fingernails out.

I actually first visited the profile I am writing about in August.   His profile was AWESOME.   I sent out a message with just sheer kudos to it.  I went back and revisited the other day, and with permission, am sharing some of it with you.

This is what I consider to be a good, and entertaining, online dating profile.

He hooked me right from the start:

My Self Summary:

“I own a cooler that has a radio built into it. I don’t party really, and if I do it’s usually where there is a fridge. When I camp I don’t listen to the radio. So basically it’s the most wonderfully useless thing I could own. I think of parting with it but I think to myself. “Troy, what if you were to go to a party out in the woods? What if people wanted to dance? Troy you could be the dance maker, the bringer of funk, the savior of the party.”

So it sits in my living room, a force of potential energy unspent.

That’s about it really.”

What a huge sigh of relief from the traditional “I like sports and outdoor activities.”     I didn’t need to even read any farther from here,  I pretty much love this guy.     That whole thing could be completely made up garbage, but I have a feeling that deep down – this probably describes him perfectly.  (**Please note, I have never met this guy.    I once told him kudos for his profile, and now months later asked if I could use him as an example.)

But anyway-  no surprise here – his profile continues on.

What I am doing with my life:

“Right now I’m sitting back in the sun, wearing some awesome 80’s sun glasses, and drinking shitty canned beer. Metaphorically.

Doesn’t that sound lovely? It sure is.”

It does sound lovely.   It does leave me wonder what he does not metaphorically, but I am almost positive that’s the point.   It encourages discussion.

Other reasons why I love this guy:    He thinks napping is the best.   He changed the “Six Things I Could Never Do Without” question to “What six characteristics do you think will define you when you are super damn old?”    and he is self proclaimed “relatively happy and perhaps a little socially awkward.”

Don’t go copy his profile – but if you are doing the online dating thing, maybe rethink your answers a little bit.  A little bit of thought never hurt anyone.


**I would also like to clarify that I don’t actually love this guy.  That would be silly, I don’t know him.   I am just doing the girl thing that we all do,  to prove a point.