A New Journey

1 Nov

I will first and foremost start this out by saying that never did I ever anticipate being someone who attempted “online dating.”    Unfortunately,  my boyfriend of over 5 years decided it was time for him to “find himself” (don’t get me started) and I am left as a young single girl – who doesn’t know how or where to meet people.

My job consists of mostly females.  I’m not really a barfly – and even if I were – it’s really not an ideal place to meet someone.   I looked into Events and Adventures, but it was expensive, and I’d much rather use my discretionary income on other things, such as my house.

Online dating it is.   I signed up for a free website, and here is where I will share on how this whole thing goes.  I joined in April – and have decided now that I need to share just why I think the world may soon be seeing an influx in crazy cat ladies.

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