Some people should learn to read.

3 Nov

My online dating profile specifically states that if someone’s message to me does not show me that they actually took the time to READ my profile – then they will not receive a message back.   I got really tired of getting messages that said “Hey, what’s up?”  or “What do you like to do?”    Why on earth are you messaging me?   I am more than a face.

I also received a few form letters.  Insanely long messages that could easily be sent to anyone.  It worked once, it should work again and again, right?

I am not on this website looking for a booty call.   Yet, even with my disclaimer:  I still get messages that make it quite obvious that this new person trying to be my friend can’t read.

A message from someone I can only call “Meow316”  proves my case:

“r u the kinda who waits for prince charming or the kind who dominates the boytoys before playing lady gagas love game”


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