Anger Management Much?

6 Nov

I was surprised by a message one day that said “I remember you from Livejournal.  How are you?”    Livejournal, eh?    While I did have a live journal, it was almost 10 years ago – and my page was private and I only interacted with close friends.   “You knew me from LJ, huh?  Tell me more about that, as I haven’t used that website in a long time.”

“Well yeah, me either – since about 2006. But I’m pretty sure we connected on there at one point. I have a really good memory.   Anyway, would you be interested in talking more and maybe going out sometime?”

At this point, I am pretty sure that the whole thing is a line to get people to meet up.   “I too have an amazing memory.. which is why this surprises me. What was your name on there?”  is what I respond.   “Actually, I went under a few different names on there. I believe we met and talked a bit through one of those LJ communities, ya know..   Honestly, I would tell you what my last username on there was… but that journal is still up online and I wouldn’t want anyone to read it now because I’ve changed and matured since then.   We didn’t chat a whole lot on there. So if you don’t remember me, it’s cool.  My real name is Matt* btw. Ring any bells?”

Okay – so more and more I am thinking that this is a line.  And again,  livejournal wasn’t used much by me,  I didn’t use communities,  and it was all private.  In no way did I mean this to come across as anything other than factual, I responded:

“You have the wrong person. I didn’t do any sort of groups on there and only interacted with my friends- hence you saying that being weird.  I assure you we never interacted.”

“Wow. Nice attitude! Like I said, we didn’t chat much on there. But I can assure we did talk. Maybe we didn’t meet through an LJ Community like I thought. But hey… I obviously knew you had a Livejournal somehow?  Whatever, if you want to embarrass me or try to convince me that I’m wrong… go for it! It’s not even that big of a deal. You’re a pretty girl but I can see why you’re single now. Good luck to you.”

Even if I HAD interacted with this guy –  what are the chances of wanting to meet someone who clearly has anger issues?   Next..

*Name was changed to protect this sad man.

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