Form Letter?

5 Nov

On November 5th I received what I can only imagine is a form letter.  Unless this guy quickly confused me with someone else,  I take this message as a SEVERE case of “does not know how to read.”

“I enjoy both shopping and cuddling. 🙂 Haha…you love kites as well, then we already have something in common.
I have read your profile and you seem really down to earth. I was just wondering how could someone as beautiful as you still be single? Are you more selective?

~Love thoughts”

No where in my profile do I mention shopping or cuddling.   Truth be told, I am not shopping’s biggest fan.  I certainly 100%, and I have re-checked about 9 times, do not mention KITES anywhere in my profile.   Seriously,  kites?   Ladies – are any of you actually mentioning KITES in your online dating profile?

Learn to read, “Love thoughts”… Learn to read.

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