8 Nov

Good morning!

New message:

“Hey there,   (he did reference something on my profile in his salutation,  hence getting a response from me.)

I’m a 32 year old guy that works in IT. I hate my job and love it at the same time. I’m a country boy at heart and basically live near the city for my career.

I love the company of a beautiful woman. I particularly like a woman with a bit of attitude. I also really like a woman that knows what she wants and isn’t embarassed, repressed, or too scared to go for it.

Really I am a pretty normal person though I do have some decent qualities. I tend to listen well. I pay attention to my partners needs. I feel I am a good provider. I have a pretty snappy sense of humor.

So if you would be interested in playing let me know ;)”


Okay – seems mostly normal.   “Playing what?”

“Doctor or maybe you would prefer hide the salami?”

“No thanks.”

“Aww bummer :(”


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