9 Nov

While browsing a month or so back,  I found a guy named Adam.   I could tell right away that Adam and I would never be a good dating match –  but we did have potential to at least be friends.   I am all for opening up my social circle.    I was very upfront about this with him right away.

After further conversing we mutally agreed that, indeed, we would not be a good dating match.    He has a decent relationship with pot which is a non-negotiable for me.  Because I have religious beliefs at all – I am “too religious” for him, and my “good girl” ways when it comes to promiscuity are a dealbreaker for him.   That’s fine, we decide we could be friends.  We chatted about politics, and he seemed very nice.

Apparently, he forgot all that far too quickly.   I was greeted with a text message not a week later that said  “need your pussy licked?”    Woah.   I was with out for drinks with my cousin at the time, and he encouraged me to write back that “I don’t have one of those.”     After a few gruesome texts more, he gave up and I decided that this was a friendship I didn’t need to pursue.

Two weeks later,  I get a text message. “U horny?”    Once again, I was under the influence of a friend of mine and we decided playing along was funny.

“Sure am.  Come over.  Bring friends.”

“Are you having a party?”

“No, just have an eager appetite.”

“Are you into gang bangs?”


“That’s hot.”

“Are you coming over?”

“I dunno.  I don’t know where you live.”


..Boys are stupid..

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