Perhaps my favorite so far..

11 Nov

On my profile,  I currently have my main picture as me dressed as a mime.  I have it this way to hopefully keep away some of the messages of guys looking for only sex. I have noticed the number of hits my profile has gotten has dropped since doing this –  but I am going for quality, not quantity.

I do describe in my profile that I am not actually a mime.   The first idea in my profile also explains that I am not on this website to be a booty call.

Today’s message, and perhaps my favorite so far, comes from a guy who I assume is named Joe, based on his user name:

“I’m not afraid to fuck a mime. Let’s get coffee sometime!”

Honestly, I read that and still haven’t stopped laughing.   I will forever keep that message in my inbox, because I will need to prove someday that I don’t make this stuff up!

One Response to “Perhaps my favorite so far..”

  1. Prison Inmate November 11, 2011 at 11:05 pm #

    At least he can rhyme?


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