Anger Management – Part 2

12 Nov

So, we all remember “Anger Management Matt”  from a week or so ago, right?   If not – go back and look..  I will wait.

“Anger Management Matt” calmed himself down after some words from me about going off the handle to someone he doesn’t know, about something that was not a big deal.   (He wouldn’t leave me alone.)   He admitted to his mistake of not speaking with me before, and when called out on his “freak out”  he said “If it’s any consolation, I called you pretty?”     Whatever.

Because I have no interest in dealing with someone like that, I left it be.   The messages kept rolling in, however.  “You never told me your name.”    My go-to response to that one was “You didn’t ask.”    He then asked, and I introduced myself.  “Would you like to go out sometime.”    Uhhhh…… “No thank you.”

“Alright. Well it’s your loss. You aren’t going to find too many guys better than me on here. Most guys will just use you, treat you like dirt and cheat on ya. ”

Ladies – get in line for this one!  He is one of the only “good” ones!   Based on my previous interaction,  I will turn away “Mr. Perfect” and take a chance that some other guy may “treat me like dirt.”     If anyone would like his information though, let me know –  he is probably the only good one left.  😉

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