The public school system fails us..

14 Nov

Somedays I think that maybe there is just something on my profile that attracts people who can’t or don’t read.  Everyone else is meeting quality people online, right?   Haha..  Wrong!    After discussing some of my experiences with my friend J, she shared some hilarious stories of her own.

J’s profile has a paragraph that says:  “Poor grammar is one of my biggest pet peeves. If you don’t understand punctuation or can’t form a sentence/spell a two syllable word to save your life, please move on to the next girl who catches your eye.  I’m sorry if that seems bitter.”

The other day, she got a message (and I advise to read it slowly):

“I have to say that I like that you, still got you message through about grammar. Which did not seem at all bitter. If you you would like I think it maybe nice to communicate sometime. What do you think.”

It actually appears as though he did NOT understand the message about grammar.

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