Books vs. Movies

13 Nov

On the dating website, there is a section where you it asks you list your favorite books, movies, shows, music and food.   You are able to fill it out essay style, but I chose to name the category and then list out my favorites.    For example:

Books:   Twilight (go ahead and judge),  The Phone Book

Movies:  Crazy Stupid Love,  Little Miss Sunshine,  The Hangover

TV Shows:  The Big Bang Theory

and so on..

Now – I give this guy who messaged me a little credit,  because he did follow the rules and made it known he “read” my profile..   but, reading comprehension and spelling may be something he should work on.

“i wouldnt judge u for watching a movie. i like twilight as well. i also like ur pics but hope u can talk to me and not be a mim or however u spell that”

Yeah, definitely not a Twilight MOVIE fan.

…and it’s spelled m-i-m-e.   It’s right there on my profile, buddy.

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