16 Nov

I will start out by saying that I was very intrigued by Sean… and honestly I am not saying that because I know there is a good chance that he will read this.  (He has been informed that he had a good chance of making the blog..)  I got a message from him that made it clear that he read what I had to say,  and seemingly found me intriguing as well, enough to say that “I pretty much describe his ideal woman, so no pressure.”

I will go so far as to say that I take half the blame for this one – for even toying with the notion that people who live on the internet are “normal.”

Alright, well, if this guy will go as far to say that I describe his ideal woman,  and even explain why – he deserves at least a chance.  Not to mention he was attractive, and we share a few similar interests.

We chatted online and via text a few times, and I suggested meeting up.   He then suggested Friday – and I had something I needed to attend.  I told him I would find out the time it ends, and if it was still cool,  we could meet up afterwards.   A few days prior, I told him my prior engagement ended at 10, and if that was too late,  I understood.   He said indeed it was too late, and I questioned if he had anything exciting going on.   “Sleeping.”    Okay, someone is obviously not interested if at 10pm on a Friday night,  he is choosing sleep over meeting his “ideal woman.”

Not being interested became much more obvious when my good friend J informed me that my internet buddy Sean messaged her.   He was intrigued about her work, and her interests as well, and said that she “pretty much describes his ideal woman, so no pressure.”

Kudos to him for having at least a little smarts to tailor his form letter to each individual he sends it to..  but seriously –  do guys not realize that girls find out EVERYTHING?    I am not offended that he messaged my friend (although she is linked to my page, so me blogging about him WAS avoidable..)  but can the cheesy pickup lines and form letters just please stop already?    You can’t tell me that if he meets the love of his life online,  she wouldn’t be pissed that he has messaged hundreds of other girls the same exact thing..

I explained to him that the whole thing just makes him a tool.. but I don’t think he gets it.   Hopefully he’ll get it someday.. and if not, hopefully the poor girl doesn’t ever find out the sweet way they met was actually a form letter.

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