17 Nov

Logged on to the meat market today to see if anything interesting was going on, and up pops an instant message from a 51 year old man.   Seriously?

I THINK I can understand a 51 year old man’s point of view in that younger girls are probably a bit more promiscuous,  potentially have less baggage and have “smokin bods”  but..  wouldn’t any young girl who is okay with dating someone who could be her father, or even grandfather, be a gold-digger?   Do guys really not care about that sort of stuff?

I had to respond to his message, just to see what he had to say.   He asked how I was, I told him fine.. and then asked me if I am into older guys.  “Well, definitely not ones who could be my dad.”    “Okay, well hope you have a nice day.”    At least he wasn’t gross about it…  but still.. . Really?

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