29 Nov

Part of me wishes that after I blog about someone, that I had the guts to send them a link and say “Here… here’s some help.”    But, that could get awkward quick.

Sometimes people ruin it by just saying too much.  A friend sent me this and deemed it blogworthy.  I was quick to agree:

“HI there, I liked your profile…partly because I too have a dirty mind (although I’m not entirely sure I know when it’s appropriate to keep it in check…maybe I need someone to teach me, or perhaps not care).  The only thing I don’t know about is everything within 20 minutes of your city**. I live in neighboring city**, and the very near to downtown part, and even that’s a little far out for me.

As for me, it’s been a strange couple of years for me…I moved back here happy to have a great job with a new company…which promptly relocated (and then filed bankruptcy)…I was lucky to find a new job right away, and then that company went through 2 1/2 years of economic downturn and 3 rounds of layoffs, me being caught in the last one…and after about 2 1/2 months of finishing up my old job (they needed me for end of the year stuff) and worrying about the future and how far the money would go, I got a new job, better title, more money, more vacation that I’ve been at for six months…so wow, it’s been a stressful and change-filled few years. So now that I feel in a better/more stable place, I’m looking to get out, have fun and meet some interesting people.

Anyway, here I am dropping you a line. I guess the next step is for you to check out my profile, and if it interests you, drop me a line…I’d love to chat! ”


…I have no words…  Other than that all of that was way too much info.


**actual city removed to protect the contributor.

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