28 Nov

My friend J and I went out for drinks over the holiday weekend, and we each invited a stranger from the internet.   Being as spontaneous as it was, I was not surprised when my internet friend was unable to make it – but, J’s friend did come out.    (And right now he is saying to himself “Oh shit… I made the blog!”)

Much to his relief I am sure,  I found him to be an absolute delight.  (I don’t want to speak on behalf of J, but I believe I can say she was a fan as well.)   My faith is temporarily restored that there ARE normal people out there, and maybe  I don’t have to turn into a crazy cat lady after all.

While having drinks, we talked about online dating.   He said something that I just can’t stop referring back to.  He said that if a girl sends him a message on a dating website,  he will NOT respond back.   I immediately asked why.  I have sent out messages to people who I thought sounded interesting,  and I only receive messages back about 25-30% of the time.

His viewpoint on the matter was this:   When he used to respond back to messages, he found the girls to be desperate.

Interesting..  Now, I don’t know if all guys do this- or just seemingly normal ones?   I know I have said before, and will stick to, that all girls have a bit of the crazy in them..  but,  what about girls who aren’t desperate?   Maybe we’re few and far between..  but it makes me a little sad that perhaps that’s why I have missed becoming friends with some interesting people – because my reaching out first made me appear desperate.   Additionally – what if girls did that?

That’s just what’s going through my brain today-  perhaps from the impending cat dander.  =)

One Response to “Interesting..”

  1. catch007 December 23, 2011 at 2:30 pm #

    I actually subscribe to the opposite school of thought. It would really help if girls contacted guys they found interesting. It tells the guy that the girl is not afraid to take the initiative, thus starting the relationship on an even note.


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