1 Dec

The amount of messages I get on the website where I write nothing just astonishes me.  I have ONE picture up.   Granted, the picture is me.. but, what if it wasn’t?

I keep getting a message from the same 36 year old man.

“wow, nice smile.. u are beautiful.. how are you, I am Dan.. I just moved here for a new job with wells fargo bank.. I liked your profile and thought I would say hello. if u like u can txt me at ***-***-****”

I didn’t respond to this..   Several reasons:

1)  I’m kind of an age snob.. I am trying to work on that,  and usually my snobbishness goes towards younger guys.. but this guy is pushing it in the “being older than me” area.

2) The whole grammar thing..  I know it’s the internet, and it appears as though he can spell – but.. you know..

3)  He liked my profile.   No he didn’t.  There is nothing on it.

4)  He made it seem like the only response back he wanted was via text message.   I am not even comfortable giving him my fake number.

So – I didn’t respond.

Two days later, I received the following message:

“wow, nice smile.. u are beautiful.. I am Dan, and I just moved here for a new job with wells fargo bank.. how are you.. if u like txt me ***-***-****”

This time, I guess he didn’t like my profile.   Whatever.  Ignored.

The NEXT day:

“Hey, beautiful I have sent u several messages, I think we have alot in common and would really click if we met, if by chance we dont then no hard feelings, its always good to network, worse case we dont click and you have a connection at wells fargo who is a manager and VP, u never know u may need a connection here one day. anyway, I hope we can talk and maybe do coffee or a drink.. txt me if you like, ***-***-****.. I am a very nice guy and I know how to treat a lady. U look like a keeper to me.. winks”

I guess the perk is that he KNOWS he keeps messaging me?   Clearly he is not receiving the “I’m ignoring you” hint very well.   And what is with this “networking” bullshit?   Girls-  none of you fall for this, right?!  RIGHT!?!?!??!   I don’t want to seem pessimistic – but that just seems like somethin’ bad waiting to happen.

Haha-  anyone want his number?


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