Now that’s a laugh..

2 Dec

Online dating websites generally send you e-mails when someone is looking at your page.  This makes sense, they want you to be on the website as often as possible.  Sending this e-mail helps a user to get on there and see who is taking a look at them.

I often forget about this because I have a secondary e-mail account for all this junk.  It is seriously an overload of e-mails.   I don’t have enough time in the day to care if [username] is checking me out.

J forwarded me an e-mail she got from a dating website..  and I literally laughed out loud…. and for longer than 30 seconds.

“J, NotACreepyJerk is checking you out right now!”

Haha!   I don’t know if that username makes him a creepy jerk or not.. but, it’s funny regardless.



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