In the words of Lady Gaga: I’m not your babe, Fernando.

8 Dec

The form letters continue.

My name is Fernando. I got a chance to see your profile and thought you’re a very special person. 
I think you and I can get along very well. 
Maybe we could message a bit and see if we could get a cup of coffee sometime or something else. 
I hope I can hear back from you. 

Why do you guys think this stuff works?

If you can’t provide a reason within your message as to why you are making your “flattering” statements, you should not be saying them.    Not to mention using “You’re a very special person” is weird in general.

Why am I a special person, Fernando?   You think we would get along well – why is that?   Do we have similar interests?   Clearly you don’t know that I hate coffee.

No girl worth meeting is going to take you up on an offer on your very first message to meet up..  unless you are Ryan Reynolds,  Ryan Gosling,  Bradley Cooper or someone of the like….  and that’s different, because we feel like we know those guys already.    We don’t know you, why would you suggest meeting before you’ve ever even talked to us?   Don’t you know that a lot of girls out there are psycho!?

Internet dating needs to become a bit more like regular life.   You wouldn’t see someone on the street, walk up and say “I think you are very special and that we would get along.  Do you want to go for coffee right now?”   (Well.. maybe you would, but that sure as heck has never happened to me.  Does this happen in real life!?!?!)

2 Responses to “In the words of Lady Gaga: I’m not your babe, Fernando.”

  1. Lee December 8, 2011 at 10:37 pm #

    I asked a woman out within 5 minutes of meeting her. I was at a car dealer and someone stuck my fancy. It turned out as a flop, go figure, but I did have
    the guts to do it… So, it does happen in real life


  2. catch007 December 23, 2011 at 7:32 pm #

    Actually, to my own surprise, at least 2 women have told me directly that they’d like to grab coffee sometime within 2 emails exchanged, for the simple reason that they dont like to prolong an online relationship.

    Different strokes for different folks.


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