And we’re humble too..

12 Dec

No need to be humble when messaging a girl..  We LOVE it when you are full of yourself.   J got a message from a man, who happened to be talking to me at the same time:

“hey whats up. i think your very beautiful. a beautiful girl is one of the greatest riches a man can have. im interested in getting to know ya. hit me back if your interested and tell me what you think of my profile. may be to honest? i cant believe girls arnt attacking me on here lol jk maybe i should put different pics up? anyway i hope to hear from you and ps i have a good job”

Because J and I were sitting next to each other.. we found this quite entertaining.  He then asked me:

“what do you think of my profile and looks?”

“I’m surprised more girls aren’t attacking you on here.”

“lol,, i said the same thing -well are you at all interested in me so far or what? cuz i would like to get to know you if you are”

“I know you said the same thing. You said it to my friend who is 
sitting right next to me.”

“i know who that is!  hey i am interested in both of ya, what do you two think of me. and be honest”

“We think you’re a tool.”

“well im a carpenter so is that a compliment or what?”


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