Self Proclaimed Sensitive and Caring Man up for grabs.

13 Dec

So – on my profile where I have decided I live in New York –  I have a picture of myself from about 7 years ago,  when I happened to be what I consider “too” thin. Because of the nature of my photo, I classified myself as “thin” even though in real-life, I would consider myself average.

I got a message this morning from a 31 year old New Yorker:

“lol you are not thin”

Hmm…  okay..    Not that care anyways, not like I am really in New York trying to pick anyone up..  but, I figured I ought to see what this guy is all about.

Chris81180:   “Don’t Judge a Book By It’s Cover” =)

Okay-  right there is funny numero uno.   His profile then describes him as:

“Family n friends are very important to me. I’m funny, loving, caring ,sensitive type of guy 

What makes me unique i can make anyone laugh or try to brighten up any situation.”

Caring and sensitive, my ass!  So.. just because I can, I write back:

“Well, you aren’t attractive – so the score seems even to me.”

“haha yea right … you wish u could get a guy like me”

“if you say so..”

How can someone be a self-proclaimed sensitive, caring and loving guy and go out of his way to make comments like that to someone?   I just laughed, but that’s because I have a pretty high self esteem, and honestly don’t give a crap about what people think of me.   However, something like that could be VERY damaging to a girl.   And all for what?   What did he accomplish in sending that message?

We can all rest easy knowing that karma will take care of this one.  🙂

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