Responding to “hi.”

14 Dec

It’s rare for me to respond to a message from someone if all they say is “Hello”, “Hey”, “What’s Up?”   etc.    I was called out on this by a reader of the blog, and was told that because I preach that online dating should be more like real life,  I should start responding to those messages because I would say “hello” back in real life.

Fair enough.

Today, I decided to give it a try… I got a message that said:



“fine n u”

I am sorry – but am I allowed to stop after that?   Because clearly he can’t read.   I assume he thought he read “How are you?”   But..  his eyes played tricks on him.  If that were a conversation in real-life, real-time..  he would have gotten a raised eyebrow for sure.

I’m walking away from this one… I just can’t do it.

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