I am SO grossed out right now.

16 Dec

I was messaged today by a 63 year old man, who looks like he is probably in his early 70s.   That right there is gross enough.. but it gets worse.   His profile says he is looking for someone between the ages of 25 and 45.   Eww..   but wait, there’s more.

His message to me says:

“….you know I jacked your image.

Self portrait?

Please stop by the gallery when

out in Bushwick-



Okay-  his message doesn’t make sense..   I know he jacked my image?  No.. I don’t know that… and then tells me to stop by a gallery?    Did he “jack” my images for a gallery?

“What do you mean that you jacked my image?   Perhaps I did not give you permission to do so.”

“…hijacked to my desktop-
For personal perusal only!!!”


Eww..   Eww.. Eww.. Eww.. Eww.. Eww.  EWW!!!!!!!!!!

If you swipe pictures of young girls – or any girls that aren’t intended for that purpose –  you are a disgusting pig.    But, I would surely advise you that if you are a disgusting pig like that – NEVER EVER tell a girl that.  EVER.

I have to go throw up now.

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