Is the “profile” necessary?

17 Dec

While I blog and blog about people not taking advantage of reading what’s out there,  I had a discussion with a good friend of mine regarding online dating profiles.   He deems them unnecessary.   He said that people only put on their profile what they are comfortable being public information…  fair enough.  He also noted that most girls’ profiles say exactly the same thing.

That point struck me..  because I have noticed several similarities in the profiles that I browse of guys.   Now – I am pretty sure the most of us don’t go looking at same gender profiles-   but these are the similarities I have found:

1)  Obligatory “I hate writing about myself.”      (Sometimes the obligatory falls within the quotations too.)   –    I think this is bullshit, just because you don’t know what to write doesn’t mean you don’t know what to say about yourself.   People love talking about themselves.    Quit complaining and just do it.

2)  “I really like outdoor activities.”   –  Seriously,  at this point, it goes without saying.   So does every other male on the planet.   Great.  I will stay in and bake cookies.

3) (And my favorite.. drumroll please…)   “I’m kind of a nerd.”  –   Apparently cool guys don’t exist anymore.   Every last guy in online dating is a nerd.. probably because he owns a computer.   Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE nerds.  Dated one for a long time.   Most of you guys are NOT nerds.   Hint:  If you play any sort of “normal” sport-   you are probably not a nerd.


Girls-  if I have missed any-  add a comment.

Guys-  I don’t creep the girls – add a comment with what we all say.


3 Responses to “Is the “profile” necessary?”

  1. Nick Pannuto (@ataraxia_status) December 22, 2011 at 12:04 am #

    1) Every single stupid girl that has “read” To Kill A Mockingbird, Hatchet, ‘Perks’, Twilight, Harry Potter, and ‘Chuckie P’.

    You do not read books. You read those in high school. Anyone that actually reads books knows that Chuck hasn’t written a decent book since you were actually in high school.

    2) You’re 22. You have at least one child. “HEY 🙂 🙂 🙂 I LIKE 2 PARTY ND PILLZ R MY FAV”

    I had no idea this even existed before I lived in California.

    3) No words and one or two pictures

    What are you trying to accomplish? How do I approach you? I bet bro-dude-guys probably message you like “NICE TITS”

    4) Professionals.

    Not like “I have a college degree, an audi, and a salaried job just shy of six figures”, but “I have an hour if you have $350”, and they’re so blatant! Makes my skin crawl.


    • Jon January 29, 2012 at 6:53 am #

      my gripes are not the same as nicks, except maybe for the 22 year old single mother thing.

      The about me section is generic and 90% of them say nearly the same thing: The “I dont know what to say about myself,” “I value my family and friends,”and “I love to travel” statements have become virulent.

      EVERYONE’s “friday night” is equally as comfortable going out to the club as it is staying home and watching movies. i admit that I dont have a much better answer for that one, but at least be specific about what kind of clubs you would go to and how drunk you like to get when you’re there.

      Honestly, i scan the about me to see if they have kids (because single mothers are either making up for their lost party years or are so into their kids its all i’ll ever hear about) and then i jump straight to fave books/music/movies, cause thats tells me more about them than anything else on their profile.


      • kevin February 11, 2012 at 8:48 pm #

        Haha, you nailed the Friday night comments.

        One I see a lot is “I enjoy (Sports event/Masculine activity) but am also comfortable with (stereotypical female thing).”

        Or the reverse…


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