Psycho Dan – Part 2

20 Dec

Before you read-  please go and re-familiarize yourself with Psycho Dan, who I posted about on December 1st.  I will wait..  (

Because Dan from Wells Fargo wouldn’t stop – when he told me yet again that we have a lot in common, I questioned “Such as?”  because of the lack of information on that profile.

“road trips, exercise, music, etc… txt me ***-***-****.. i like your smile..”


“No what?”

“I will not be texting you.”

“ok. later.”

I thought I had got rid of Dan finally.    J and I had discussed him, and she had gotten similar messages from him too.   You know when guys are trolling because while J and I are great friends-  we have absolutely NOTHING in common.

Two weeks later, I get another message from Dan:

“forgot, there is a close up pic of me on facebook, dan k****y… I am in a black suit and from denver NC.. I need to update the location..”

“The answer is still no.”     (No.. I did not go look at his close-up photo.. It’s not about looks at this point.)


Just TWO short days later:

“we live so close we should get together.. I have a close up pic on facebook which I forgot about so check it out, lookup Dan k****y I am sitting on a couch in a black suit and from denver NC.. the pic was taken this summer… I have been told the pics on here are to much at a distnace, however my close up pics must be the wrong size because they will not load, but I am a very cute guy..”

Okay-  now this guy is just pissing me off.

This is the seventh time you have messaged me. I don’t care how cute you are.. you are creepy.
Leave me alone.”

“lol, I am anything but creepy.. I have yet to meet someone who did not like me… u read into things way to much..”

“No.  You don’t read into things ENOUGH.”

“your loss, I would bet anything if we met u would like me..”

“I am sure it is my loss. I am okay with that.
A word of advice- if you give your phone number to a girl who has never once talked to you.. this immediately makes you a tool.  Not to mention, you keep throwing your number at a good friend of mine who is my polar opposite. You need to figure out what you are looking for.”

“lol… I just hate emailing because its so slow, so I would prefer to txt and meet for coffee. thats the only way to know if u really are interested..”      (Odd since these “e-mails” are literally one minute after another..   SO slow.)

“Once again, I am assuring you that I am NOT INTERESTED.”

Here is my prediction:   In about two weeks,  I will hear from him again.   Anyone want to make bets?

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