They just don’t get it..

19 Dec

Because of my blog topic-  my friends and I often discuss dating of all sorts – and collectively have decided that there are some basic things online and off that guys just don’t understand.     So…  Dear Boys:

1)  If we agree to a date,  and you completely blow us off –  there is a less than 1% chance that you will get a second chance.    Of course there are exceptions to this rule – depending on when we are informed that the date is not happening, and the reasoning behind it..  but likely no chance.

2) If you are online dating and you send your phone number to a girl in a message to her and she has never talked to you before..  You are a tool, and girls are starting to post these message in public forums, i.e. Twitter.   Don’t say you haven’t been warned.  (Also – not by me.. but I have seen this recently.)

3)  If you ask us out, and we give you ANY excuse whatsoever, and DO NOT offer up a day that works better… We are not interested.    Of course, there are minor exceptions to this rule too..  but you will know when that exception has occurred.  There will be no doubt in your mind.

4)  Just because a girl responds to your message –  or talks to you at a bar for that matter –  does NOT automatically mean she is interested.    If girls are new to the online dating stuff, they will likely respond to anyone that messages them for fear of being mean.

Anyone enlightened?

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