And I thought I was going to have nothing to write about today.

22 Dec

I thought I might be at a loss of stories for once..  but, sadly I was quickly proven wrong.

Plenty of Fish (or – a.k.a. “The Meat Market”)  has launched a new instant messenger type thing – and it seems to be a little glitchy.

I have packed my New York online dating profile bags and moved to San Francisco to see what kind of characters I can find there.   I was online checking the fan mail, and I got an instant message request.

I accepted the instant message request..   the guy said “Hi”  and then it said the user has left the chat room – leaving me unable to respond.    Oh well, whatever.   I assumed it was a mass instant message, and he just waited for people to seek him out.

About 1o minutes later, I get another chat request from him..   I accepted.   The message said:   “I just want to point out that you are chubby and that you really have no place to be picky about who you talk to on here.”    Followed by “User has left the chatroom.”

Okay-  now I am pissed off.  1)   NOT chubby. (at least not in that picture)    2)  I don’t care who the hell you think you are- you don’t say that to girls.. EVER.

I look him up and send HIM a chat request with a few choice words.    He told me that it was bitchy of me to ignore his chat request-   but I didn’t.   And then he immediately tries to sing my praises.    I told him that he and others like him are the ones responsible for the eating disorders in this country.   “I can’t even see your body, how would I know that?”

I was then told I should give him a chance, because he has a mother, and friends and a job, etc. etc. etc.    I told him he should inform his mother of how our conversation started- I bet she’d be SO proud.

Guys –  I don’t care how much it pisses you off if you think a girl ignores you-  no one online owes you anything.   Technology has glitches,  some girls can just be bitchy – never play a  “you’re fat” card.

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