Meat Market, Indeed.

30 Dec

I am not going to lie to you –  I have met people from online,  and there are some good people out there.    I don’t blog about them, because it would probably be rather boring.   But, seriously… wow this online stuff is just ridiculous!

I don’t know if there is a full moon – or the stars are aligning funny- or if people just don’t have a date for New Years Eve..  but today I have gotten more people just looking for a piece of meat than I do on a typical day.

I started off the day with:

“can u handle dis 9 inchs mama?”

Mama?!   Who says that?!   And a word of advice, Mr. “can u handle dis”..   if you are going to solicit girls for sex,  you ought to have a picture of yourself.  Good luck finding someone SO desperate that she’d sleep with a man without a face.

Good riddance..    And then of course I get to end the day with another pig:

“I love what I see, hehe, and wouldn’t mind seeing more. Care to get together over dinner or maybe some desert, unless you want to save the desert for after dinner? I’d like a soul mate, but in the mean time, how would you like to be a playmate?”

Wow – what a lovely way to say “You aren’t my type, but I’d still do you.”   Since this dude was online,  I decided to have a little chat with him.    Apparently my rack would be an upgrade, and therefore a learning experience.   I advised him that perhaps he would get further along in his quest if he was a gentleman a few days before turning into a pig.   He assured me that he has tried that every other time before and it doesn’t work..   1)  Bullshit.   2)  If it isn’t bullshit.. Lucky for me?  I’m the one you “test out” being an ass on?   3)If it isn’t bullshit,  he clearly doesn’t know what being a gentleman is.

Some people should be banned from the internet.


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